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Nachbericht zur Chris Rudd Auktion 194: Mule kicks off May auction

Im Folgenden lesen Sie einen kurzen Nachbericht der 194. Chris Rudd Auktion vom 19. Mai 2024 in englischer Sprache. Dabei werden vier besondere keltische Münzen herausgestellt.

Some strong prices for Celtic coins were achieved in Chris Rudd’s 19 May sale. An imported coin of the Ambiani tribe known as a Gallo-Belgic Broad Flan gold stater bore a right facing head and left facing horse, a unique, possibly experimental type known as a Mule, fetched £3800. A Nipples type cast potin unit of the Cantiaci tribe which came from the Ian Richards, E. J. Williams and Adrian Nicholl collections and originally bought from Chris Rudd in 1998 sold for £460. An excessively rare Commios E-Type gold stater of the Southern Region which came from the Royal Berkshire collection and purchased from B. Knight in 1982 achieved £2200 and a near extremely fine Odin’s Eye 1 silver unit of the Iceni unit which came from the fabulous John Follows collection sold for £1100. “Some great results showing once again that coins with provenance often command top prices” says Elizabeth Cottam of Chris Rudd. The next Chris Rudd all-Celtic sale is on Sunday 14 July 2024.

Gallo-Belgic Broad Flan gold stater, c.190-160 BC, ABC–. Unique as a mule.

Nipples cast potin unit, c.60-45 BC. ABC–. Ex Richards, Williams and Nicholl collections.

Commios E-Type gold stater, c.50-25 BC. ABC 1025. Ex Royal Berkshire collection.

Odin’s Eye 1 silver unit, c.35-25 BC. ABC–. Ex John Follows collection.

For more information contact Chris Rudd, tel: (44) 1263 735 007,


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