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Preview: Chris Rudd Auction, 14. Januar 2024

A promising start to the year for Celtic coins

2024 looks to be a good year for Celtic coin collectors if Chris Rudd’s January auction in Norwich is anything to go by. There is sure to be something for everyone from a tiny silver minim of Tincomarus from the Southern Region, which is illustrated in Ancient British Coins (Aylsham 2010), to a stunning Tasciovanos Hidden Faces gold stater of the Catuvellauni tribe with a unique obverse die. Provenance also features strongly in this auction which includes a Tincomarus Medusa gold quarter stater of the Southern Region, ex The Royal Berkshire Collection and Dr William Blank collection, published in Divided Kingdoms (Aylsham 2017) and recorded at the Celtic Coin Index in Oxford. And, if it’s rarity that ‘floats your boat’, the auction contains an Excessively Rare Verica Helmeted Victory Left silver unit of the Southern Region, which shows a winged figure seated on a rudder. “It was found at Arundel, West Sussex in February 2023 and there are only three other examples recorded, including one in the British Museum,” says Elizabeth Cottam, director of Chris Rudd Ltd, “it's the first one I’ve had the pleasure of auctioning and the finder is eagerly looking forward to the sale.”

Chris Rudd’s auction will be held in Norwich on 14 January 2024. For a free catalogue please email or phone 01263 735 707.

Tincomarus Interlocking Squares CF silver minim, c.25BC-AD10,

ABC 1136 (this coin).

Tincomarus Medusa gold quarter,

c.25BC-AD10, ABC 1076. Ex The Royal Berkshire and Dr William Blank collections.

Tasciovanos Hidden Faces gold stater,

c.25C-AD10. ABC 2553. Unique obverse die. Found Reading, Berks., 18.2.2023

Verica Helmeted Victory Left silver unit,

c.AD 10-40. ABC 1244. Excessively Rare, only 3 others. Found Arundel, West Sussex, 2023.

For more information contact Chris Rudd, tel: (44) 1263 735 007,

email: If you publish the above news item, please send a copy

of the magazine to: Chris Rudd, PO Box 1500, Norwich NR10 5WS, England.


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