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I.A.P.N.-Kongress 2018 in Prag

Dieses Jahr fand der 66. Jahreskongress der I.A.P.N. (International Association of Professional Numismatists) vom 3. bis 6. Mai in Prag statt. Nachstehend veröffentlichen wir die offizielle Pressemeldung:

The Prague Congress was organized by John JENCEK, American member of the firm JENCEK Historical Enterprise) of the I.A.P.N. During this congress, 2 working sessions were held; the following topics were discussed: the reports of the various commissions of the association, the new sales rules, the new laws concerning international trade with the detailed intervention of Daniel Sedwick on the European and American legislations, the presentation of the next congress in Scottdales - USA, the vote of the congress for the year 2020 in Marseille, and the Anti Forgery Committee.

The 1st Place for the Numismatic Book Price of the year 2018 was awarded to STEVENS, Paul. The coins of the English East India Company - Presidency Series - A Catalog and Pricelist. Spink, London, 2017.

The 2nd Place: KUMAR, Sanjeev. Treasures of the Gupta Empire. Shivlee Trust, USA, 2017. The 3rd Place: MODESTI, Adolfo, and TRAINA, Mario. The Medal and the Monete che hanno fatto l'Italia (1846-1871). Accademia Italiana di Studi Numismatici, Rome, 2017.

These 3 books were distinguished among 22 excellent numismatic publications, a large number of candidates this year. Thanks to Mr. Peter Preston-Morley for his research and presentation work.

We were able to discover the beautiful city of Prague and its history, thanks to a guided tour, especially the Charles IV bridge during our boat trip, its castle and its historic center ...

The gala dinner took place in the beautiful Municipal House, where we had a guided tour of the concert hall and adjoining rooms with Art Deco decoration - Art Nouveau. Then John Jencek gave us the opportunity to sign up for a dance lesson. One hour of private lessons with an excellent teacher of "Cha-cha" and waltz. A nice surprise was reserved for us at the end of the meal with a dessert made before us served on the table.

During our Gala Dinner, we raised 50000 CZK, an amount of 1950 euros for the benefit of the POMOCNE TLAPKY association, which trains and provides service dogs for people with reduced mobility.

During the working sessions, the memory of former members who had deceased since the last congress was mentioned; followed by a minute of silence.

We had the opportunity to visit a silver mine (9 levels underground), in very narrow and low galleries, allowing us to put ourselves in the place of the miners facing the dangers of this trade and especially the excruciating working conditions . Then we could also test the coin strike. The next congress will be held in Scottsdale - Arizona from May 12-15, 2019 in the United States, and will be organized by World Numismatics. We will welcome the new member elected in Prague: ATLAS Numismatics, Inc. (Mr. James RICKS), 18 Bridge Street, Suite 3A, US - BROOKLYN, NY. 11201.

Finally, Dr. Francesca BERNHEIMER has been named an honorary member of the Association.

For more information about A.I.N.P. - I.A.P.N., you can visit the website or contact the Secretary General and Executive Director of the Association:


14, rue de la Bourse

BE – 1000 BRUXELLES – Belgique

Tél : +32-2-513-3400 Fax : +32-2-512-2528

« Communiqué de presse officiel de l’AINP, par Anne-Claire Barré – Maison PLATT».

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