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Münze des Monats Mai 2022

Die Münze des Monats Mai wird bei Chris Rudd in der Auktion 183 am 17. Juli 2022 angeboten.

Eppillus Grapevine silver unit, ABC 1163, struck at Calleva (Silchester) c.20BC-AD1. Good EF, bright silver, impressive portrait of a British king known only from his coins. Ex Wessex collection.

The pristine, uncirculated, virtually perfect condition of this eye-grabbing Eppillus Grapevine silver unit hints that it might have come from a late 20th century hoard. Single plough-soil finds rarely look this breathtakingly virginal. Van Arsdell describes the wreath as a ‘vine border’ and he might be right. We think it may simply be a stylised laurel wreath, a celebratory victory wreath of the sort used by his brother Tincomarus (ABC 1094 and 1130) and by Eppillus himself in Kent. The wide spacing of the paired laurel leaves is particularly noticeable on Eppillus’ two Cantian staters (ABC 384 and 387) and, to a lesser extent, on a Cantian quarter stater (ABC 390). And what victory would Eppillus have been celebrating with this silver coin? Taking Calleva from Tincomarus is the obvious answer, and would account for his use of the martial boar on this coin (boars live in forests and Calleva means ‘place in the woods’). Around the same time, Andoco issued a silver unit showing a bearded head similarly encircled by a vegetal border (ABC 2721).

To be sold by Chris Rudd in Norwich, 17 July 2022, estimate £1250.

For a free copy of our illustrated catalogue please ask Liz Cottam.

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