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Lettland hat seine Münze des Jahres 2017 gefunden

Am 9. April 2018 berichteten wir über den Wettbewerb zur Findung der schönsten lettischen Münze des Jahres 2017. Nachstehend können Sie das Ergebnis nachlesen.

"Smith Forges in the Sky" named Latvia's Coin of the Year 2017

In the traditional public voting, the collector coin "Smith Forges in the Sky" was voted Latvia's Coin of the Year 2017. Overall, more than 7000 votes were cast; of them, almost 2300 were in favour of the coin "Smith Forges in the Sky".

Latvijas Banka's collector coin "Smith Forges in the Sky", dedicated to Latvian folk songs, features some lines from a Latvian folk song and the drawings personifying objects of nature and natural phenomena. As this is a very common motif in folk songs, this particular category of folk songs takes up quite a lot of space in Krišjānis Barons (1835–1923) Cabinet of Folk Songs, featured on the list of Registered Heritage of UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme since 2001. Thunder or the Heavenly Smith is accompanied by the Sun and the daughters of the Sun, the Moon and an array of stars.

The graphic design of the collector coin was created by artist Edgars Folks, and the author of the plaster model was Ligita Franckeviča.

Specifications: 5 euro, 31.47 g, 38.61 mm, silver of fineness .925, proof, Maximum mintage 4.000 struck in 2017 by Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt (The Netherlands)

Graphic design: Edgars Folks, Plaster model: Ligita Franckeviča

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